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Friendship Upholstery's Testimonials

Carol Nagle ~ Easton, PA ...
I just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful experience choosing and ordering a sofa (#3887-3) and matching chair (#3887-1) from your product line. The folks were a pleasure to deal with and I'm excited about finding the exact sofa I was looking for! We have been sofa shopping several times at local furniture store - where they looked at me as if I had two heads when I asked about wing backed sofas! Thank you for your great products - I'm glad I waited and didn't settle for something I wasn't really happy with! It's good to know there are still American companies that take pride in quality firniture!

Anne T. Rogers ~ Portsmouth, VA ...
Thank you for your prompt reply. I have spoken by telephone with your dealer and plan to visit with him in the next week. i look forward to purchasing more of your furniture. My current pieces have stood me in good stead for the last fifteen years, admired by my family and guests for their comfort and style.

Mrs. Cynthia Albright ~ Salupa, OK ...
I have had a sofa built by Friendship Upholstery that I purchased in 1991, it was in the model home we bought in Fredericksburg, VA. The sofa was already 3 years old. We had it reupholstered 10 years ago, and will probably have it reupholstered again. It still sits just as comfortably as it did in the beginning. I haven't found another couch since then that can compare to its comfort. I'm sure the original was ordered by the interior decorator, as it was done in a Wverly print that coordinated with the wallpaper and draperies. just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the quality of your product, it has served our family well for almost 20 years!

Mrs. Diana Holzworth ~ Flushing, MI ...
First I would like to thank you for my beautiful couch and loveseat ... I waited a long time to find such quality and workmanship ... my last couch from Marlow has lasted me 17 years and you wouldn't know how old it was except the cushions needed some new filling. That is also what I am interested in knowing - if I could send you the cushions and have you renew them ... thank you again.

Pumpkin65 ~ MD ...
We have a sofa we bought in 1989 - it was made by a company I've never heard of called Friendship Upholstery in NC, but DH said it was constructed well - 8 way hand tied, hardwood frame, certain type of springs he wanted. It was our first furniture purchase together and it was probably $800, which I remember thinking was a fortune. It remains unchanged since '89, not a dent in a cushion, no upholstery wear, no stains on the fabric. Granted, we don't have pets that sit on furniture, and we have somewhat dainty daughters. Other sofas have come and gone, but not this one.
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